German Tutor

German is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn on your own. Therefore, the services of a competent tutor are highly valued.

Why do you need a tutor?

The services of a private teacher are used by adults who are going for permanent residence in a country where the state language is German or need knowledge of a foreign language to communicate with business partners. Often such people do not have the opportunity to regularly attend language courses due to heavy workload or unstable schedules. Parents of preschool children turn to the services of a tutor if they themselves do not speak German, but want to give the kids the opportunity to learn it easily, in a playful way.

What does a German
tutor do?

At the first lesson, the German language tutor conducts testing, determines the goals and objectives of the course. Based on the data obtained, the teacher-tutor draws up an individual training program, selects educational material and prepares a system of intermediate tests.
During the classes, the tutor deeply studies all the topics of the course in preparation for international exams. Puts pronunciation, pays great attention to conversational practice. In a playful way, he presents the material to preschoolers and younger students. Supervises homework.



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